Strategy and Wargaming News 18th of June – JTS Summer Sale, Steam Games Festival, Microprose

Cold fridays are for retreating inside our nests, glancing at the soccer matches currently being played at the European Cup and relaxing from our collective E3 hungover. Yet, it’s time for another round-up of news all around the Strategy and Wargaming world. Buckle up, my dearest reader!

Jonh Tiller Software Summer Sale is now live

Great news right out of the gate. John Tiller Software announced a couple of days ago the start of their annual Summer sale. Until June 30th, strategy pundits will find every title that has been out longer than 12 months on sale at their online store for $29.95- that’s 25% off. It appears that all games are on sale except for Scheldt ’44 and Kiev ’43. Their enormous collection is bound to have something for everyone to enjoy.

I’m considering finally getting my hands on the series. Probably by starting with Battles of Normandy. If anyone reading this has any experience with the game, please let me know.

Regiments, City of Gangsters, Terra Nil and Battlesector available at Steam Games Festival

The four ludo-logical endeavours on the title have kept me warm company in the last couple of nights, since the Steam Games Festival launched- making hundreds of demos available for a weekend of hardcore binge-playing. Microprose’s Regiments, a Wargame-inspired RTS is finally in the wild and after playing it for a couple of hours I must say I’m enjoying it. A bit rough around the edges, it still needs work, but it seems that there’s a solid foundation on which to improve. Another positive note is that a pause option is available, giving players no excuse for poor tactical decisions.

Terra Nil has revealed itself to be far less relaxing that what expect from the trailer I showed last week. A contender for prettiest game of the year.

Battlesector is stamped with Strategy and Wargaming seal of approval and from having played it for more than a dozen hours I can confidently say: it’s the closes thing Warhammer fans are going to get to a decent turn-based strategy.

After wrapping-up the weekly round-up, City of Gangsters is where this bootlegging, whisky-peddler scoundrel is heading.

Microprose announces Tiny Combat Arena

MicroProse is sweeping the market and taking every developer under their banner. This time they announced Tiny Combat Arena, a stylized combat flight “SimLite”, “that is all about the fun factor of flight and air warfare.” The game is going to be available soon on Steam for PC and it’s going to go through Early Access first.

Graviteam Tactics – Mius- Front UI redesign

The folk at Graviteam Tactics, the creators of what is- arguably- the most detailed depiction of World War 2 tactical combat on the Eastern Front, and also the demons behind that atrocious UI have put some effort into redesigning it. Alongside said face lift, Soviet and German commanders have new scaling and background options for the UI in their arsenals.

“Additional changes:
1) Added indication of the total number of troops in the global statistics.
2) The score (in the new system) is correctly displayed in the global statistics.
3) Management of the unit behavior has been moved to the central order panel.
4) Changed the display of some parameters of the selected units (added ranges of values ​​to the tips).
5) Improved the Stepanovka battlefield.

As a bonus, the overall performance of the game in tactical combat has been increased. “

Total War: Warhammer III Kislev and Rhorne rosters revealed

Another week, another Total War: Warhammer III update and I’ve run out of things to say about it. Creative Assembly are slowly opening the gates unto the Brass City and this time it’s full roster reveals without any 3D models to show for, which is a shame. Concept art and long unit descriptions are welcome in a nice, thick printed manual. Everyone would be merrier if the images available were in-game. Anyway, here are the links for Khorne and Kislev.

Fantastic city builder Townscaper launching in August

One of my favourite games of all time is Townscaper. The floor is yours to build at your hearts content: “whimsical burg, a miniature kingdom, a ritzy mediteranean municipality, a chromatic lighthouse Townscaper offers capricious players an unreasonable colourful kaleidoscopic of tints, hues and shades to work with“. 

More of a toy then a game per se, it’s leaving Early Access in August. The developer doesn’t intend on increasing it’s price after launch so expect this incredible piece of art to continue being available for only $4,99 or your regional equivalent.


One thought on “Strategy and Wargaming News 18th of June – JTS Summer Sale, Steam Games Festival, Microprose

  1. Great news about Graviteam, it’s a very well known concern from many who have try it and not like it, because the UI. The Panzer Battles I have played is a great game, the scale is great to see many stuff happening with lesser abstraction as Panzer Campaign. The AI problem that I always feel in Tiller’s games is lees obvious in a loopsided campaign as this one.


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