Strategy and Wargaming News- 5th of June- Radio General, Microprose, Armoured Com, Total War, SD2

It seems that more and more often, this weekly column has been slowly slipping away into the wee-hours of Saturday. The warm embrace of once in a week time news of your favourite strategy games coming to lay you down to sleep, like a informative bed time story, sort of.

Radio General is a finalist at Games For Change Awards

The fantastic Radio General has reached the upper echelon of the best Games For Change Awards, the annual festival celebrating last year “best social impact and learning games”. Radio General is in both the People’s Choice category and the Best Learning Game. Not trying to cast any shade but I personally doubt Radio General limited appeal will be able to snag the People’s Choice Award but I would be hard pressed to come up with arguments as to why it shouldn’t win the Best Learning Game, overpowering all other contestants in subject matter and gameplay quality. For those unaware of what Radio General is: as a general sitting on a tent, players will be voicing orders over the radio to units on the ground doing the fighting. So far so average, right? Wrong. The caveat is that the player doesn’t really know where their units are at all times, even less so when it comes to enemies. Most of the time is spent constantly asking units for position updates and moving chits in the map to keep track of what’s going on. Engagements can happen at any time and the player won’t really be able to tell what’s going on other than a few vague shouts and warnings the radio operators in the ground relay back. Units can get lost and will need help to get their bearings back, some will go radio silent and you’ll not know if they’re still in play until they show up back again or they don’t. A lot of time is spent drawing on the map where the enemy units are, if your units can spot them and where they were going to. The game is intense, loud, chaotic and stressful, perfectly capturing the feeling of helplessness of a commander relaying orders unto the front-line without actually being able to physically impact the fight going on on the ground. Anyway, vote for it here and expect a Strategical Showcase soon.

The Historical Gamer interviews developers at Microprose

What else is there to say about it? I’m not going to spoil anything, go watch it!

Free new vehicle for Tank Mechanic Simulator

If scraping paint, clearing rust and bolting screws is your definition of a well spent afternoon you’ll be glad to hear that Tank Mechanic Simulator just added a new vehicle, the iconic german PzKpfw II Ausff. Memes aside, TMS is a fantastic game that effortless combines the seemingly boring action of restoring and maintaining hunks of steel and every World War II historian wishes of having their own private collection of tanks.

Armoured Commander II major update

It should be passed unto law that not owning a copy of Armoured Commander II could lead up to forced integration in soviet penal battalions. ACII newest update is bringing new campaigns, additions, and fixes. Not that it needs any, since it already had 44 campaigns and 580 units from all periods and all theatres of war. A new late war Polish and Free French Campaigns, new Steam achievements, new sound effects, a new Radio Operator skill and much more. A wise man once wrote “because when you’re in the thick of it, shuffling injuried crew around a cramped soviet metal coffin across the finnish tundra while under heavy fire, the opportunity for emergent, custom and personally driven narratives is at its’ peak in the wargaming scene”. The game’s final release is schedule for late summer 2021.

Steel Division 2 is going to Italy?

I don’t really get the “Tribute to the Liberation of Italy”, the newly announced DLC for the popular Steel Division 2. This is said to follow the footsteps of their Tribute to D-Day DLC but I’m left to wonder if Eugen is going to include a new campaign focusing on the mountainous Italian terrain or it’s just going to be a division dump. Let’s wait for more details but here’s hoping it’s the first.

The devs are running from the battlefield! Shameful display! Total War Three Kingdoms review bombed to oblivion as CA is moving on

Two years later and with 7 DLC released, ancient China aficionados are not happy with the announcement that Creative Assembly has stopped working on their newest release, Three Kingdoms, to focus on future endeavours within “the Three Kingdoms universe”. The move has left a sour taste in the mouth of the Total War community with players flocking to Steam in order to review bomb the game with complaints of it never actually fulfilling it’s purpose of becoming the ultimate Three Kingdoms experience. Bugs and over-priced DLC also make their way into the endless list of negative reviews, with only 13% painting the game in a positive light.

Even more TotalWar Warhammer 3 trailers

CA marketing team is fully dedicated to drip feeding us trailers everyday about the hellish landscapes of Khorne and it’s fiery inhabitants. It’s no secret I love Warhammer and the over the top voice acting is just…right.

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector Sisters of Battle

Battlesector is shaping up to the definitive X-COM like experience in the Warhammer Universe. Having played it for dozens of hours I’ll gladly stamp my seal of approval on it’s cover and ship it right out. But if you want to read more on that you can check that out here and here. With the announcement of the Adepta Sororitas, my tips and tricks guide is going to need a definitive update update when the game launches.

More Warhammer news with the Warhammer Skulls Festival

Stop right there, criminal scum! You heretic! I hear you whispering and conspiring against the God Emperor, wishing to know if there’s any more news this week that don’t relate to Warhammer! Well, yes. There are but a few! For mankind desires all bodies able to fight the alien scum across the galaxy! Lucky for you, the Warhammer Skulls Festival has everything Warhammer videogames for sale.

Door Kickers 2 community content with Steam Workshop

Snap back to reality, soldier! You were babbling about murderous orkish hordes and tyranids swarms but I need you focused on the challenges ahead, we don’t know what to expect! And that’s because Door Kickers 2 has… kicked open the door to player created content by launching their Workshop Update in late May. Counter Strike Office map, the original Cartel Beach Party map, Air Force One, Submarines, Bunkers and much more are already available for download in the Steam Workshop page. Also three official new maps were added.


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