Strategy and Wargaming Weekly News, 31st of January- Field of Glory II: Medieval arriving soon, Combat Mission goes to Steam, New Panzer Corps 2 expansion announced and much more.


I’m pretty sure that’s the guy from the fantastic Simple History Youtube Channel narrating this trailer for Combat Mission “Back” Sea. Mistakes aside and in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past month, the folks behind Combat Mission with the help of Matrix have brought their modern flagship title of the into Steam. Featuring American, Ukraining and Russian Forces duking it out for the future of Ukraine. “A brutal scenario, for sure, but one which allows you to get a glimpse of what full spectrum contemporary near-peer tactical warfare is all about.”

If you- like me- already have a key from, all that needs done is to go to the Matrix website, login with your account and register your key from Battlefront into the Matrix account and you’ll be presented with the option to reveal a Steam Key. Plug that key deeply into Steam and enjoy showing off your non-wargamer-friendly friends how you’ve spent 80 bucks in a game that looks 20 years old while you try to convince them how great it is. I’ve sucessful completed the first 3 missions available and so far it’s been a most pleasant slug-spewing (and taking) experience.


Five days from now the lances will come forth and the swords will be unsheated for the launch of my most antecipated expansion this year: Field of Glory II: Medieval will release February 4th. If you happen to be short on brain cells right now let me assure you that yes, FOG II is going medieval. Chronologically moving up a few steps across History after the sucessful Wolves at the Gates expansion focused on the early middle ages, right after the fall of the Roman Empire.


The already excellent Door Kickers 2 now gives you even more options when terrorist hunting and hostage rescuing. I guess you don’t need “trust your tactics, not your armour” anymore. Five new type of armour (or no armour at all) were added to the game, allowing you even more customization. I mentioned this in my original review has something to improve, if only I’ve waited a week I think some more headgear could have same me some headaches while running through the missions available. Also, if you found yourself blowing up lots of walls you ran into a brick wall (pun intended) that wouldn’t allow you further planning until the wall ceased to be. That’s also fixed. Check out the patchnotes bellow:

patchnotes v0.10 (29 Jan 2021)
- five new Armor types
- new ammo types for all 9mm firearms
- two new custom maps
- much improved map generator (better maps, faster generation, much wow)
- you can now pre-plan through walls that are about to be breached
- added "remove all" option when deploying
- waypoints menu shows *uncommited* quantity for items (subtracting the ones already planned)
- new item types: glass walls and doors
- game and editor load faster
- improved FPS for large maps and a lot of humans
- increased max number of humans supported on a map
- fixed enemies not reacting to dead bodies anymore
- fixed not waiting for gocodes when doors/targets would get destroyed
- fixed multiple enemy AI issues
- fixed multiple input/controls issues
- multiple other fixes and quality-of-life improvements
- modding: 3dsmax plugin for exporting KHM files (see DoorKickers2/tools/)


The sucessful and never-ending Order of Battle DLC keeps on coming out with this new entry titled: Order of Battle: Allies Defiant, “the first chapter in a new trilogy of DLCs that depicts World War 2 from the Allied perspective, is out now. Allies Defiant covers the battles starting from the spring of 1940 to late 1942. It features a fully-fledged campaign with 12 new scenarios and some of the most iconic British units of WW2.


I’ve failed resoundingly in keeping up to date with the development of War on the Sea so there’s nothing much I can add to this conversation other than Cold Waters and Atlantic Fleet are some of my favourite naval wargames ever so- if Killer Fish pedigree is something to believe in- I’m sure that this new pacific adventure will prove a worthy entry in a small but already excellent catalogue.


The new expansion for PZ2 promises newer and bigger things for upcoming 1941 germanic forays into Mother Russia with new features including the construction of airports in hostile territory and updated unit models for the soviets. Three new units join the fight: the freaky siamese BF-109z and HE-111z airplanes are joined by the british artillery tank cruiser MKII. 20 New Missions in a fantastic new scale that was “Never before seen in Panzer Corps 2“. Follow Slitherine’s Twitch Channel to learn more on the 4th of February.


The Steam Page for StarShipTroopers- Terran Command reads:

“The Sky Marshal and the Federal Council have authorized a special announcement to be issued next week. It will be broadcast live on FedNet on Tuesday February 2nd, at 6 pm CET / 5 pm GMT / 12 pm EST / 9 am PST. You can also view the proceedings live on


If tanks are your thing then make sure to check out the new update for Armoured Commander, the impressive roguelite that “Aspiring chariotiers, world war afficionados and book dwellers looking for steel-casted treaties won’t be disappointed when exploring the zoological diversity available in ArmComII- one that far strays from your typical Panthers and Tigers. Fight desesperately within the bolted-on together TK-3 Polish tankette…”. The sole code wrangler and designer, Greggory Adam Scott launched a new Afrika Korps campaign and a bucket-load new Japanese units and a great amount of change to already included content.

Changelog for 7.2.0
ADD: Afrika Korps on the Retreat campaign
ADD: Nation definition for Empire of Japan, correct display of Japanese names (surname first)
ADD: Japanese units: Type 94 Te-Ke, Type 97 Te-Ke (MG), Type 97 Te-Ke (37mm), Type 95 Ha-Go, Type 89 I-Go, Type 97 Chi-Ha, Type 91 Armoured Car, Type 93 Armoured Car, Type 94 37mm AT Gun, Type 11 37mm Infantry Gun, Type 92 70mm Battalion Gun, Type 41 75mm Mountain Gun, Type 94 75mm Mountain Gun, Type 38 75mm Field Gun, Type 90 75mm Field Gun, Type 91 10cm Howitzer, Type 92 10cm Cannon, Type 38 15cm Howitzer, Type 4 15cm Howitzer, Type 96 15cm Howitzer, Type 88 75mm AA Gun, Type 94 Truck, Type 95 Scout Car, Kawasaki Ki-32
ADD: Khalkhin Gol (Japan) and (Soviet Union) campaigns
ADD: StuG III E, F, F (late), PaK 97/38, 2cm FlaK 38
ADD: Finnish versions of existing units: 75 PstK/97-38, 75 PstK/40, 20 ItK/38, 40 ItK/38
ADD: Soviet GAZ-4M-AA, ZIS-42-AA, 37mm ZP obr. 39, 76.2mm ZP obr. 38, 85mm ZP obr. 39, T-35
ADD: If a corrupted savefile is found, and no backup is available, player is now given in-game option to delete it
ADD: If a transport unit is destroyed, chance that its transported passengers can bail out alive (but will start pinned)
ADD: During player bail-out procedure, chance each turn tank is on fire that it will explodeCNG: Ballistic attacks now much less likely to get a direct hit, but get higher bonuses from acquired target levels
CNG: Minor changes to available units in multiple campaigns
CNG: Player now given a chance to reassign crewmen to their normal positions before empty positions are given new crewmen
CNG: Crew position-related skills now displayed in position swap menuFIX: Enemy class spawn odds modifiers in the first week of a campaign now applied properly
FIX: Axis vehicles now reset to normal reliability after October 1, 1941
FIX: Backups for saved games are now also deleted when saved game is deleted
FIX: Bug where calendar week would not be set properly if more than 7 days passed at once in combat calendar

One thought on “Strategy and Wargaming Weekly News, 31st of January- Field of Glory II: Medieval arriving soon, Combat Mission goes to Steam, New Panzer Corps 2 expansion announced and much more.

  1. Nice update, there are plenty of stuff coming now.

    PS: I knew that voice! It sounded familiar, now I pretty sure is that youtuber. Good catch.


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