Go Get Company of Heroes 2 For Free!

Saving Private Ryan the RTS videogame series, Company of Heroes 2 is free for keepsies during this weekend on Steam. Get it here! This is the game that puts the Spectacle in RTS. 

This is overall a great game, it might have fumbled with it’s first steps into the eastern front but let’s be honest? Who hasn’t? Just ask Hitler and Napoleon! After some patches and well received expansions the second entry of the series has gone from a snowy contorversy ridden turd on how it depicted the russian army and it’s troops and how it handled DLC to a RTS stapple in the genre.

While you only get the base game, the very much excellent Ardennes Assault expansion is also on sale for 4.99€. You will be better serve with the Company of Heroes 2 Master Collection for 6.89€ . 

So yeah, the conclusion is: go get it! NOW!

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